Taliban claims Panjshir province completely captured

The Taliban on Monday said that they had captured the last pocket of confrontation in Afghanistan, the Panjshir Valley.

“With this victory, our country is completely taken out of the quagmire of war,” Taliban chief spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said.

After declaring “full control” of the Panjshir Valley, the Taliban said they are in the final phase of building the next government in Afghanistan.

According to sources, the Taliban have invited Pakistan, Turkey, Qatar, Russia, China, and Iran to attend the government formation ceremony.

After the Taliban claimed control of Afghanistan’s Panjshir Valley on Monday, the anti-Taliban resistance force pledged to keep fighting. “The struggle against the Taliban and their partners will continue,” the National Resistance Front declared, adding that it was present in “strategic positions” across the valley.

“We assure the people of Afghanistan that the struggle against the Taliban & their partners will continue until justice & freedom prevails,” NRF said.