Indian Coast Guard rescues 12 crew of MV Kanchan in distress off Umargam, Gujarat

Twelve Indian crew stranded on cargo ship Motor Vessel (M V) Kanchan off Umargam, Gujarat, were rescued by another ship MV Hermeez, said Indian Coast Guard on Thursday.

“#SavingLives In a swiftly coordinated operation by MRCC #Mumbai, MV Hermeez, braving rough seas, rescued 12 crew of distressed vessel MV Kanchan stranded off Umargam, #Maharashtra on 21 Jul night.Well done Hermeez,” Indian Coast Guard tweeted.

“Indian Coast Guard rescued all the 12 crew of Motor Vessel (MV) Kanchan stranded off Umargam, Gujarat on July 21, 2021,” according to the official statement.

“Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Mumbai had received information from DG Communication center, Mumbai in the afternoon of July 21, 2021 that MV Kanchan is stranded due to contamination in fuel thereby rendering the engine non-operational and no electrical power onboard, amid inclement weather, the statement said.

“Later in the evening, the master of the vessel intimated that MV Kanchan, carrying steel coils as cargo, had dropped anchor and was tilting towards Starboard (right) side.The MRCC Mumbai instantly activated the International Safety Net (ISN) and MV Hermeez was immediately diverted towards the distressed vessel,” it said.

“Braving rough seas, MV Hermeez safely evacuated all the 12 crew of MV Kanchan in a swift night operation,” it added.